Monday, November 9, 2009

Friend's Dog needs a home!

I'm on a misson today.
I have a friend in the Rochester, NY area who is looking for a good home for her dog..."a two year old coonhoud/husky mix medium size dog named, "Smoochie"...very loving, good with children, great with other animals." (you can't see it in the picture, but she has two different colored eyes in true husky fashion!)

My poor friend is going to have to take the Smoochie to Lollypop Farm (the local animal shelter) on Wednesday if she can't find a home for her by then. And I know she'd much rather know that Smoochie has a good home than take a chance that she might get put to sleep if she can't find a home at Lollypop. My friend is a big animal lover and is really torn up that she has to do this (I'm not sure about exactly why she has to get rid of Smoochie, but I think it has to do with her living situation).
I know I'd be devestated if I had to get rid of Luna (I'm kind of tearing up right now!) I know there are tons of animals who need homes, and I'm not usually a crazy animal adoption advocate or anything, but this is for someone I know and love who I know is really hurt that she has to give away her beloved furry friend anyway.

So PLEASE...if you live in the Rochester area (or even Buffalo!) and want a dog, or know someone who has been looking for a dog, let me know!!!

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