Saturday, November 21, 2009

Snowy Plush

Well, we're not getting snow quite yet here in western New York, but I got inspiration for a snowman Nubbin.

I made the red heart kind of asymmetrical for a reason. It's kind of an homage to one of my favorite children's books called "The Mystery of the Missing Red Mitten" by Steven Kellogg. After making a snowman, a little girl finds that she has lost one of her red mittens. She looks for it and imagines what could have happened to it and at the end of the story she ends up going back to the snowman and finding that he's melted a little and that he has a red heart...and that it's her missing red mitten!

And going along with the snow theme, I thought I'd also share pictures of my Abominable Snowman sock monster.

I love his little blue claws!