Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Photo Shoot: Snow White

I spent this afternoon being a model! My friend Ashley is an aspiring photographer (I believe I've mentioned her before). She is taking a digital photography class and has an assignment to pick a famous photographer and shoot a photo in their style. She chose Annie Leibovitz...who has done a lot of dramatic/elaborate fairy tale/fantasy themed photos (some examples can be found here, here, and here). So Ashley asked if I would be her model and if I would be in costume for the shoot. And anyone who knows me knows I never pass up a chance to wear my corset! (as well as my wedding dress...what other bride gets this much milage out of her dress? I get to wear it to the Renaissance Faire every year AND do photo shoots!)

We did a kind of Snow White kind of thing (hence the apple and me lying on the ground). If only we'd had some dwarves! (...er, um...little people).

I laid on the ground for quite a while while she took shots from some different angles. But I was comfortable...I was lying on a blanket and had a jacket rolled up propping up my head. It was chilly today though...my apple hand got pretty cold when I was lying there. The funny thing is whenever people walked by. They probably thought "who's the crazy girl in the medieval dress lying on the ground?"...at least until they saw Ashley with her camera.

Be sure to go check out her photography blog for more pictures !

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