Sunday, December 27, 2009

Family Photos

My "little" brother came to visit for Christmas. He lives in Staten Island and I only get to see him maybe twice a year. But when I do see him, we always have fun!

My parents, brother, and his girlfriend all came over to my house this evening to visit. We played a game ("Things"), hung out, had some pizza, and just had a good time. Before they all left, I (at the spur of the moment) insisted on taking a family photo...(yay for my camera's timer feature!)

The first one turned out okay. But , that white bowl was distracting, plus King (my parents' dog) wasn't in the picture (plus I hate how I'm sitting make my thighs look huge!) we tried again...
The second picture looks decent. It has the best composition of all the attempts. But even though King is "in" it...he's looking away and his face isn't in the picture. Plus, we realized the kitty was left out!

The third attempt was a disaster, due to Terra's decision to claw her way up CJ's shoulder and off the couch (You know what they say about working with animals and children!) CJ is looking away, the glare on Luna's eyes make her look possessed, King still isn't in the picture, and then there's Adam's face...which is hilarious...but is not a nice family photo smile.

The fourth and final attempt has everyone in it (King is just barely peeking over the couch). And by this time, we had decided to give up. We wee at the point of "Everyone is in's good enough!"
If you notice, Mom and Dad keep getting lower and lower down in each picture! I think in the final attempt, they are trying to get King to get up with his paws on the back of the couch.

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