Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Handmade Christmas: Rayne's Felt Castle

The next couple blog posts will be about gifts I made for my nieces and nephew this year for Christmas.
I came across a blog post back in November about making a toy castle out of felt and carboard. I loved the idea and ended up making one for my youngest niece for Christmas...

She loved I'm sure any little girl would. I know I would!

It was one of my most time-consuming handmade gifts (excluding the handwarmers I knitted for my other niece). I didn't really follow the Confessions of a Sewing Dork tutorial. That just gave me the inspiration and general idea of how to make it, and I just winged it from there. The tutorial is all hand sewn...I machine sewed mine, with a little bit of hand sewing.

I also made the doll. I hot glued on yarn for her hair and felt for her dress, and drew her face on with a Sharpie pen.

I decided to make a button closure in case she wanted to open it up and play with it...(as opposed to how the tutorial sewed all the sides together).

This has been one of my first attempts at making button holes with my sewing machine.
I like how the castle turnede out and want to make more now! Time to buy some grey felt by the yard!

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