Friday, January 15, 2010

My Two-Year-Old...

My Dad always refers to his 138 pound rottweiler, King, as his "little 4 year old". well, this is my little 2-year-old"! Yes, CJ and I realized the other day that Luna is 2 years old now!

When we got her September 2nd, 2008, she was 9 months old, so we decided that January 2nd was her unofficial birthday. Of course there's hardly a point in deciding on an unofficial birthday when we don't really do anything special...besides maybe get her a new knucklebone. (we're not one of those weird dog owners that have a party for their dog). Plus we always forget about it in attempting to recover from the holidays.

This picture was taken January 4th...when we were having that long stretch of snowfall. The snow was over her head, but Luna just bounded through it like a bunny rabbit! She had a ball!

This is her "Pay attention to me! I need to go out!" face.

Even though she drives me nuts sometimes...I love my little puppy!

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Marigold said...

Love LOVE the sweater mouth monsters!

(found you via my site stats--thanks for the link :)