Monday, July 12, 2010

Crochet Butterflies!

I've been making butterflies like crazy lately!
I like to crochet during church. It actually helps me pay attention and keeps my hands busy while I'm listening to the conversation. I usually crochet flowers to make into pins to sell at my craft shows, but I recently came across a tutorial for making crochet butterflies...

The "pattern" I used to make these isn't quite the same as the one in the tutorial, but the tutorial was my jump-off point. Once I figured out the basics of how to make them, I make my own little tweaks...

  • Chain 4. slip stitch into first chain to form a ring.
  • First Upper Wing: Work 3 dtr (double treble stitch: yarn over 3 times) into ring. Ch 5, sl st into ring.
  • Second Upper Wing: Chain 5, work 3 dtr into ring, slip stitch into ring
  • First Lower Wing: Work 3 tr (treble stitch: yarn over 2 times) into ring. slip stitch into ring
  • Second Lower Wing: Repeat previous step. Fasten off.
  • Wrap a contrasting piece of yarn around the middle 2-3 times and tie off to to create abdomen and antennae.
(in case you're curious, I used a size USH8/5.00mm hook and Red Heart Super Saver yarn)

I'm not that super of a crocheter, but I can whip these out pretty fast! They really are so easy! The hardest part is sewing the pin onto the back. I'd like to make some hair barrettes/clips using these as well. I might also try making them with embroidery thread as the original tutorial suggested.

What a cute summer accessory! You know you want one! (or two...or six!) If you do want one, and are not interested in crocheting one yourself, I have a set of 6 for sale in my Etsy shop.

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