Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Raspberry + Rosemary = Yummy!

I came across a recipe on the blog Maya*Made yesterday for Raspberry Rosemary Coolers (click the link for the recipe). I was intrigued and just had to make it! CJ and I were going shopping anyway, so while we were out, we picked up some frozen raspberries (the store didn't have fresh berries yet) and seltzer water. I picked the rosemary fresh from my garden!

I took a handful of berries and put some in each glass over some ice, then put the glasses in the fridge while I made the raspberry-rosemary syrup with the rest of the berries.

Combine the syrup and seltzer and voila!...

It was absolutely delicious! I was surprised at how much the rosemary added...and just how good it combined witht he raspberry. I may just have to consider planting some raspberry bushes next year. ;)

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