Friday, October 7, 2011

New Nubbins Photos For Etsy

I took some new photos today of some Nubbins for my Etsy listing. The photos I had for the listing previously were from back before I started using the wooden crate background and the spools of thread, so I did a re-shoot so my shop photos have some continuity and look cohesive.

Gotta love my berry basket of vintage wooden spools of thread as photo props! (and the vintage cloth tape measure!)

If anyone had walked up to my porch while I was staging this photo, I'm sure I must have looked ridiculous, painstakingly placing those spools of thread around the Nubbins, trying not to knock them over. Yes...even the spools in the background in the basket. I specifically placed the most colorful threads on top of the pile. LOL! But it makes for a good looking picture!

1 comment:

Francesca DeCaire said...

They look great, so bright and happy!