Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Treasury Tuesday: Most Beautiful Stripes

I was featured in this beautiful, stripey treasury this week...

Unfortunately, the item that was featured is a sweater monster that I sold this weekend at the AC Homecoming Celebration! Naturally, if I sell something at a show, I need to take the Etsy listing down so it doesn't get double-sold, right? But if I unlist it, it won't show up in the treasury! So...my temporary solution has been to label it as "reserved" so no one will buy it, but I can still keep it in the shop and in the treasury for a little while! I'll probably unlist it in a week or so. In the meantime, you can click on over and see it as a part of the treasury.

I also featured this treasury over at the RNEST Blog's Treasury Tuesday post. I often feel weird making the featured treasury one that features my own work, but I think that this treasury is beautiful and well-put-together even without my item in it! Plus, it reminds me of the recent hulabaloo and brouhaha a few weeks ago over the Missoni line coming to Target. (I use the term "recent" loosely. I know I'm a few weeks late on the uptake here). Pfft! Don't go crazy waiting in line at the store! If you want mod, stripey, multicolored items, this treasury proves that you just have to check out Etsy! And you support independent artists instead of a mega-corporation! (Not that I have anything against shopping at Target...) ;)

Speaking of the Missoni craziness, a friend of mine wrote this on her Facebook status a few weeks ago and it made me laugh! "Damn you Missoni for Target and your wild zig-zags, making women everywhere look like my grandma's old couch!" Ha ha ha!

Speaking of DIYing the Missoni trend, here's a tutorial I found via Craftzine for making your own chevron shoes!

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