Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sweater Monsters

I started off making my monsters out of socks, but after the 5 years I've been making monsters, my material preferences have swayed towards sweaters. I have a few theories about why this has come about. #1. "Worn out" sweaters tend to have a lot more "usable" material than worn out socks. Worn out socks are usually threadbare or stained on the heel and/or toe. Sweaters are rarely truly "worn out", just unwanted. At the most "worn out" means it has a hole or is unraveling, which is easily remedied. Whereas, threadbare-ness or stains on a piece lowers its quality appearance.
Anyway... reason #2 I like using sweaters is that I can get a lot more monsters out of one sweater than from one sock. These two monsters are the last of this particular sweater. (the same one I used for Ingrid and Iggy)

I haven't come up with names for these two yet, but I probably will when I list them in the shop.

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