Sunday, November 6, 2011

The "Mega-Nubbin"!

At Mayday Underground, there was an art exhibit called "The Root of Art Over Craft", the theme of which was the concept of "Challenging the boundaries between art and craft".

"How do you differentiate art from craft? Are they connected? Are they two separate entities? This exhibit, which occurs concurrently with Mayday! Underground, seeks to extend publicity to artisans in the area and help shoppers and viewers gain a better understanding for art and craft."

This was my submission to the exhibit...the "Mega Nubbin"!

I had put bags of rice in his feet to try and help him be freestanding. At one point before the show had opened, and we were all still setting up, he was standing (I wish I'd gotten a picture!). But the exhibit organizers moved him later (I'm assuming because he wasn't that stable and was easily knocked over).

This picture of me holding him really gives the sense of just how big he was!

I also did a painting of a Nubbin as kind of an afterthought, inspired by the theme of Art vs Craft.

A far as my thoughts on the "difference" of art vs. craft...because the lines of what constitutes"art" have been so blurred, I think of "craft" as the process of making "art". I think of "Craft" as a verb, and "Art" as a noun. Art is the result of Craft(ing).

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