Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Treasury Tuesday: Grandmother's House & Seamstress Gift Guide

Here are some Etsy Treasuries I made this week...

I made this treasury with the theme of a road trip to grandma's house. I was initially inspired by the first item, a photo of some colorful suitcases...which reminded me of a little red suitcase I had as a kid that said "Visiting Grandma" on it. I was also inspired by the colorful illustration of the Singer sewing machine. My actual grandma doesn't have crazy bright color schemes like this in her house (she's more of an earth-tone kind of lady). maybe I'll make a treasury one of these days that actually represents MY grandma's style (think Adirondacks and birds). ;)

This treasury was inspired by the photo of the spools of thread. It was all I could do to refrain from making the whole treasury photos of spools of thread...but I kind of already did that once and wanted to have different items, There was originally a print from a shop I recently favoritedin this treasury, but the item disappeared, and you can't put a sold item in a treasury, so I had to replace it with something else.

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