Thursday, December 8, 2011

Craft Show! : Christmas in Medina Celebration 2011

Things have finally slowed down enough for me to post pictures from the Christmas in Medina show!

The Barn Owls are super popular! Almost all of them were gone by the end of the day!

This is my sister-in-law-to-be, Nicole! (with kitty ears she bought from me!) She, her mother, and my brother were in town for Thanksgiving from Staten Island.

Family photo! (from left to right: Me, CJ, Mom, Dad, Camille (Nicole's Mom), Adam, Nicole)

I wish they'd do something cool with this abandoned theater. It made me happy that they at least changed the marquee`.

Luna hanging out.

After packing up my booth, we had dinner at the Shirt Factory Cafe, then went back to the truck to watch the "Parade of Lights". Our friends met us there with their kids, and the kids sat in the bed of the truck with me to watch the parade. We always have a perfect parking spot to watch the parade due to packing up from the craft show.

There were a lot of fun floats. This is the only parade I've gone to at night. It's pretty fun seeing all the floats & vehicles lit up with Christmas lights.
(these were big stand-on lawn mowers that were made to look like big presents!)

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