Friday, December 23, 2011

Custom Plush: "Hobbes the Stuffed Tiger"

Some friends of mine asked me to make a "Hobbes" tiger plush for their son for Christmas.  He's been really into the "Calvin & Hobbes" comic.  

The image above is from the comic and is what I based the design off of.  In the comics, Hobbes is a real live tiger to Calvin, but to everyone else, he's seen as the stuffed toy tiger in the picture.

I'm really pleased with how he turned out!  I almost wish I could keep him! Well, I can always make another one!  I'm sure I'll end up making another one at some point anyway! ;)

After doing the stuffed lion, I didn't think a tiger would be too difficult. The most "difficult" (ie: time-consuming) part was doing the stripes. The stripes on his back, legs, and tail were machine-stitched. But I hand-stitched the stripes on his head, since they had to wrap around from the back tot he front.


Francesca DeCaire said...

He is wonderful. Happy Holidays!

Sarah O said...

That is great! I love Calvin + Hobbes.

Bethany said...

Is it possible for me to get one of your Hobbes stuff toys?? I would love to have one!