Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Handmade Holiday Pledge

I just said in my last post that I never officially signed the Handmade Holiday Pledge...
well, even though Christmas is over, I just went and did it!
A perk of "signing" it is that you get to add a link to your site/shop, so there's a little bit of self-promotion there. ;)

I like this pledge. I feel it is more realistic than pledging that ALL your gifts are handmade like some pledges I've seen in the past. Some people are hard to make or buy handmade gifts for. Men are notoriously difficult to make/buy affordable handmade gifts for.  Cool, handmade stuff for men is usually pretty expensive (but, as an artist, I understand the amount of work involved and why those items have to cost more).  I also like that they say "by me, a friend, or a cool artist"...so people who "can't" make anything (to which I say, "Yes, you can make something!") can feel like they can take the pledge because they can buy handmade items.

You can add a link to your own shop/site on the page for the site when you "take the pledge". 
"We are committed to making {and buying} handmade gifts this holiday season. Feel free to visit our websites, blogs, and shops. Take the Handmade Holiday 2011 Pledge, then scroll down and add yourself to the list. Click on the blue "add your link" button."  Then you can put the cool little button (like the one above) on your blog!

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