Friday, March 21, 2008

Butterfly/Moth wing paintings

Ahhh...long weekend. I had today off for the holiday. I cleaned the living room (which was a disaster...CJ and I have both been sick this week) and then took a break to relax and paint. I've been wanting to do these paintings for awhile and just haven't made the time. Painting is something I have to take time to do. It's least with small pieces like these.

And I can't forget about posting my first baby blanket!
I made it for my friend Rachel's baby boy JW. I started it before he was born (he's now about 3-4 months old or so). I did the main part of it on one of my knitting looms. It was one of those projects that I worked on and then set aside for awhile. I had the main part laying around for a long time, thinking it was too small, but I finally finished it by crocheting the border on last Sunday during church. It's amazing how much just a border can do!

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