Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter...

Nothing very "Eastery" to post for today...but I do have another butterfly painting and a picture of my "workspace" (aka: our dining room table-turned-massive coffee table).

So, even though it's not "Eastery" (ie: chicks and bunnies and eggs), it definitely gives a "springy" feeling. It makes me think of beauty and color and new life.

And Easter is about new life...and not just in the general, nature sense...but new life in the sense of Christ's resurrection and in the sense of having new life through trusting and loving Him. And I know it might sound hokey to those who aren't Christians and don't understand, but you end up seeing the true beauty of it all when God reveals Himself and you learn to trust Him.

I keep learning how to trust Him more every day.

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