Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Dreaming of Spring Sunsets...

Anyone notice my new blog title image?
I originally orchestrated it in photoshop for a new wallpaper for my laptop. Here's the old one...

And the new...I love my new background. My husband said it looks like a photograph the first time he saw it...but the truth is that I made it entirely out of elements in photoshop (special brushes I've downloaded, gradient tool, cloud rendering filter).

I've had the first one all winter, and although pretty, I was bored with it and it seemed a feeling...too wintery. I was craving something warmer, so I made the new one to encourage thoughts of spring. By the time March rolls around, I think everyone is sick of winter and yearning for spring and summer. The last few days, seeing the sun makes me happier. Whereas, last week was so cloudy and snowy, I felt tired and icky all week. I'm craving sun and blue skies.

And the purply orange skies too. I haven't taken the time to watch a sunset in forever. I used to watch the sunset every night when I was a teenager through my bedroom window (before my I moved to basement and became the "cellar dweller" as my Dad would call me).

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Anonymous said...

I noticed it. I thought it was a photoshopped photo. How are you? Not seen or heard from you in weeks.