Monday, March 31, 2008

Grannies with Granny

I had last Friday off from work (yay long weekend!), so I decided to use the extra day to go go visit my grandma who lives 2 hours from me. I left Thursday night after work, spent the day Friday, and came home Saturday morning (I had a Pampered Chef Party to go to in the afternoon). Together, we fumbled our way through the directions in my knitting/crochet book, figuring out how to make granny squares. I got the hang of it pretty well, and I've made 5 more squares since.

(I forgot my digital camera, but I also forgot that Grandma has one, and so we took these pictures of each other, Grandma printed me copies on her hp photo printer, and I downloaded them to my laptop.)

I had great fun having a little bonding time with my Grandma!


Melissa said...

grandma's are awesome :-D I love hanging out with mine!

I didn't' cry during August Rush, but I blame my friends being around for that. It was definitely one of the best movies I've ever seen!

Shannon said...

Let me know ahead of time the next time your in town. I will teach you how to do the 6 sided granny and the three sided granny. They make awesome blankets... very unique. You can also make a great throw blanket by making 2 granny centers, sewing them together to make a rectangle... then work a normal granny around it. Makes a rectangular afghan nicely. I will post a pic of the granny ghan I made Bryan.. size of our queen bed. He loves it, not too hot to use like some other blankets. I started on grannies first then learned how to do tons of patterns from grannies.