Friday, March 21, 2008

Cut Out + Keep Contest

So, I entered my Sweater Monsters and T-Shirt Remnant monsters into a contest at a crafters' community networking site called Cut Out + Keep. The prize is a Craft: t-shirt and an issue of Craft: magazine. I know..."whoopie, a shirt and a magazine"...I know it's not $10,000 or anything, but a pretty cool prize. And hey, what have I got to lose? I just kind of want to see if my monsters are cool enough to win a contest.
And at the least, it's providing me more exposure as well. The morning after I submitted my Sweater Monsters project, I had 5 comments on it and as of now, 7 people have added it to their "favorites list". It seems like every time I check my email, I have a new email from Cut Out + Keep saying that someone has either commented on or "favourited" one of my projects. We'll see if I win!

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