Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bedtime Stories on Tape

I was reading an article on Real Simple magazine's website, and saw this tip that was a blast from the past:

"If you travel a lot on business, record yourself reading your children’s favorite bedtime stories; they can listen to your voice as they flip through the book. Finish each night’s reading with a countdown of the days until you’re back home with them."

I used to have a cassette tape my mother made for me when I was little of her reading my favorite bedtime stories like "No One Knows Where Gobo Goes" and singing "Kumbya" at the end. I wish I knew whatever happened to that tape.
I still have this book though.

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Anonymous said...

we never throw anything out. The tape must be around someplace in this house! Or you might have it.

Whoo hoo...CBI (field trip) Community Based Instruction to the Apple Farm in Victor tomorrow. Yippie!