Monday, September 29, 2008

Leftover Class Paint & My Sketchbook

Teaching this homeschooler group art class has actually done wonders for my own painting as far as spontaneity (thank you Impressionists!).

After almost every class so far, I have sat down for about 5 minutes and "sketched" with the leftover paint in the kid's pallets before I wash them out. I gave them way too much paint the first time we painted and there was so much left over...and it kills me to wash so much paint down the drain! So, while I don't ever use up all of it, I figure I'd put it to some good use.

Impressionism Week 1:
Finishing it at home...

The original picture: (it's from Windows Vista's sample pictures)

Impressionism Week 2:

Post-Impressionism Week 1:
My version of Vincent Van Gogh's "Starry Night". I did this one last night to prepare for today's class...because this will be the kids' project today: to recreate "Starry Night".

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Anonymous said...

I love your paintings.. And thanks for coming over last night. I love to see you and CJ and LUNA. She is so cute.
My student is in speech right now and then we go to Tech to build our rocket. The other students are doing math. Love you, momma