Wednesday, September 3, 2008

New Puppy! is the new addition to our family!

Her name is Luna. She's a 9 month old, female, dachshund mix puppy. Our friend/landlord recently gave us the go-ahead to get an apartment-appropriate dog if we wanted. So CJ was searching and Craigslist the next day looking for dachshunds. I was surprised how soon he started looking, and found a dog...but he told me he's wanted a dog for a long time. Both of us have grown up with dogs, but this is our first dog for both of us that is ours and not our parents'.
So after CJ found Luna online and talked on the phone with the owner, we went last night out to Palmyra to see the dog. The owners were really sweet, and I felt bad for taking their beloved dog away from them...but they were moving and had to get rid of the I think they were thankful that they knew she was going to a good home. My parents came with us...they are dog lovers and wanted to come along to see their "grand-dog". So I guess that would that make King (Mom & Dad's dog)her...uncle? I can't wait to introduce her to King. I just hope she doesn't get too scared or intimidated. King is a sweetheart, but he's a big boy (that's him at the right).

That little green thing she's tugging on is a "bone" I made out of braided scrap pieces of fleece. She loves it! She's chewing away on it as I type!
She is a hyper little thing though. She loves to play tug of war and to chase the ball. And she is very clingy right now. She follows me around "like a puppy" (HA! Now I know why they say that phase!) and cries and yipes whenever I leave her in a room by herself. CJ was saying he thought she "liked [me] better", but I think she likes us equally. She was whining and wanering around the house when he left for work this morning. I think she was looking for him! She's such a baby...and it's going to be hard for me not to spoil her. She's kind of going to be like our "child" until either God moves miraculously or leads us to adopt (which I want to do someday, but we want to wait until we feel God is leading us's in His timing).
I guess it's very important to be firm and consistant in training them (just like training a child!). CJ found a very good site about dachshunds for reference
We're going to PetSmart or Petco tonight to get her some rawhide bones and a harness and some other stuff (like a collar that's not so girly-sparkly puppy-bling like). And we'll probably be taking her to the vet next week (she's not spayed yet) and get all the technical dog liscense stuff done.


Melissa said...

she is so super cute!!! I love her! lol

i want a puppy :(

Anthony said...

Do you know your dog's other breed(s) besides a dachshund? because i have the same exact dog, but my dog is a male and its killing me not knowing what he is lol