Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Six Random Facts...

Ack! I've been tagged! Thanks Missie! Now I have to think!
Six random facts huh? I'll give a picture to go with each one just to make it interesting...

1. I'd never seen a real live praying mantis until this past Sunday at the Farm.

2. I have a thing for all things Celtic.

3. I have a visual "obsession" with eyes

4. I own a corset.
5. My screen name "blufuzzymonster" was originally an homage to my favorite childhood Muppet, Grover. But I like Sully from Monsters Inc too!

6. I once dyed the ends of my hair purple (but the first attempt turned out a magenta-pink! Definitely go with Manic Panic if you're dying your hair funky colors!)

So...Do I gotta tag people now?
Um...I'll tag Rachel & Mom (and anyone else who reads my blog!). Am I allowed to tag Missie back? Or is there a no-tag-backs rule?

1 comment:

Melissa said...

nope- no tag backs. what good would that do? you've already read my random facts about me!