Thursday, September 17, 2009

Wooden Castle Building Blocks

If you walked into my house, sometimes you'd never know that we have no kids. I have a good supply of toys and children's books though, since lots of my friends have kids. Plus, the hubby and I are just big kids at heart. I found this block set while we were packing before moving to the new house. I found it still in my car this morning while looking for any stray soda bottles or cans to take to be recycled and gave it to my hubby to take inside. When I got home this is what I saw on the coffee table...

I don't quite remember where I got this awesome little set (but whenever I can't recall where I got something, I usually figure I got it at Goodwill back when I worked there). I also don't remember why I had it stashed away for so long! CJ said to me "Where has THIS been? YOu've been holding out on me!" Wooden building blocks are one of the most awesome and most classic toys of all time. We think this little set was handpainted, since the same pattern on some of the blocks looks slightly different...maybe a thinner or thicker line...different enough to know that it wasn't stamped.

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