Thursday, September 3, 2009

Another Owl...

Yes...another owl. This is the one I planned out months ago either during or before our whole buying-a-house/moving process started. This poor guy has been waiting awhile to be sewn up!

I've taken a liking to using patterned fabric for the bellies. I've recieved lots of small pieces of fun fabric from friends cleaning out their fabric stash. (thanks Rachel!)

I did pointy feet this time. I like them better than the feet on the other one. Although I suppose the square, embroidered feet have a certain charm.

I'm getting to really like making owls (arg! I've been sucked in!). I have at least one more owl to make for a friend's daughter. I also have an idea for another new Nubbin design (Baby Nubbins...with a pacifier instead of teeth, and possibly a diaper) that I originally was going to make for the baby shower before Mom gave me the owl suggestion. I also need to whip up a custom Emoti-Nubbin. And I need to follow through with at least four other Nubbin design ideas I've had (hot & cold Nubbins, Where the Wild Things Are inspired Nubbins).

And all of this in addition to continuing to unpack and make sure the dog and new kitty don't get into too much trouble! Well, I think I can do at least one Nubbin a day...and in so doing, I could attempt to be a part of Craft-A-Day-in-September (CADS)... (accent on attempt...I make no promises! Life sometimes just gets in the way!)


kawaii crafter said...

such cute owls :)

today you're featured on Facebook Fan Fridays. You can find a link to your site on the left hand column of my site.

have a great weekend


FoundProdigalDaughter said...

I absolutely love, LOVE, LoVe those owls and I'm not even an owl collector. They're adorable!