Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Fellow Monstermakers: ZookieQ

While I was at the Remsen Barn Days Festival in Remsen, NY this weekend, I was elated to see this booth with colorful, quirky sock creatures! It has been the first time I have actually seen one-of-a-kind handmade sock creatures at a craft show. The woman's business is called ZookieQ and the creatures are called Zookies.

"I’ve always made sock monkeys, puppets, costumes and love anything that requires one’s imagination. It was my attempt to give my daughter a sock monkey baby shower that caused the birth of zookeys. I ran out of the regular Rockford socks used for traditional sock monkeys and decided to use up the “one of a kind because the dryer ate the other sock“ bag of mismatched socks. " (from the ZookieQ website)

Her sock creatures are bigger than my own tend to be and her style is very different from my own, but is still very charming and lovely.

In talking with the owner of the booth and giving her my card, I was even more pleased when I learned that she'd actually been to my Etsy shop before! I'm not sure I've ever actually met someone who has been to my Etsy shop before meeting me!

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