Sunday, June 13, 2010

4 Year Anniversary!

Sorry for the lack of blogging this week. CJ took a vacation week and was home all week, and when he's home, I tend to want to spend time with I was barely on the computer at all. The reason CJ took vacation was that Thursday, June 10th was our 4 year anniversary! Wow...I've been a married woman for 4 years! Can you believe it? At the risk of sounding cliche`... It feels like it was just yesterday!

We didn't "go" anywhere (as in...go out of town), but we relaxed at home and spread the fun out over the week. We went to the local drive in theater TWICE...once Wednesday night and once Friday night. I love the drive-in. Two movies for the price of one, we get to bring in our own snacks (but the snack bar is pretty reasonable!) and we get to bring the dog! We saw Prince of Persia" and "Iron Man 2" on Wednesday, and "Marmaduke" and Shrek Forever After" on Friday. The first movie last night made me want to hug my dog, the second movie made me want to hug (and kiss!) my husband!

On Thursday we went out to dinner at Applebee's...because I LOVE Applebee's! Give me their Oriental Chicken Wrap with the Triple Chocolate Meltdown for dessert and I'm a happy girl!

Mmmmmmm...Triple Chocolate Meltdown... (ie: Lava Cake!)...

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mamachat said...

glad you had a great anniversary. But you did not mention your "new" vacuum cleaner. lol = )