Monday, June 21, 2010

The "Other" Luna

I'm at my parents' house today (we're going out to dinner for my birthday tonight). At one point Luna starts growling at something out the window. But she wasn't looking at the street like she normally does when she starts growling...she was looking more beneath the window. I followed her line of sight and saw what she was growling at...

This is the "other" Luna. Luna the cat. She belongs to Wilma, my parents' neighbor across the street. (*EDIT*: My Mom has informed me that she was actually just a stray that Wilma started feeding...but she is essentially Wilma's cat). She's a big, beautiful, very friendly, social cat.

You know I love cats, and I knew Luna was friendly, so I went outside to pet her and take some pictures of her (which my Luna didn't like one bit!). I kept calling her to get her to look at the camera, but kept accidentally calling her Terra!

She's also a very vocal cat. She seemed to have a lot to say to me!

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