Thursday, June 3, 2010

Stripey Sock Monster

My in-laws and nieces are coming to visit this weekend and I've been cleaning all day (I get weird about wanting the house to be perfect when people are coming over). But I'm making myself take a break, and during this break, I'm going to post pictures of another monster...

This one is related to the last Zipper Mouthed monster because it's made from the same sock that served as the stripey belly of the Zipper Mouth monster.
(I liked these socks. They were toesocks. I was kind of sad when one of them got a hole in it, but at the same time, I was kind of happy I had an excuse to make monsters out of them!)

I think it'd be interesting if I took on some sort of challenge where I had a "chain" of monsters, where each monster was related to the previous one due to using some of the same fabric...because it seems like the last 3 monsters I've posted have been related. I'm not sure if I'll really do it, but it's a fun idea

If I went with the "chain" challenge, I would have to incorporate this pink, fuzzy sock fabric into the next monster.

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trisha too said...

This one is adorable. I kind of want this for my ownty self.