Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Handmade Accessories by Fellow RNESTers

Last week, I finally bought my first spoon pendant from my friend and fellow RNEST member, Erin of Sunshyne Silverwear!  I've wanted to buy one from her for awhile, but had a hard time deciding which one to get.  But I recently decided on this blue leaf skeleton one.  

She does such great work!   You can find Sunshyne Silverwear's website here, her Etsy shop here, and her blog here.

 I love getting cool, handmade accessories from my fellow RNEST peeps!  I love that when people comment on them (which happens a lot with my feather hair clips), I can direct them to the artist that made them!  I've started keeping my friends' business cards in my wallet so I can give them to people when they compliment me on my pretty hair clip/spoon necklace!

My feather hair clip is from my friend Casey of PeachesProducts.  I traded her one of my Owl Nubbins for it. (yay for artist trades!) You can find her Etsy shop here.

1 comment:

sunshyne_silverwear said...

Yay! It looks so nice on you!
(thank you so much for the shout-out)
I gotta get me one of those hair clips too!