Monday, February 13, 2012

Home Improvements!: Cast Iron Skillets as Kitchen Wall Decor

After rearranging the kitchen this past Saturday, the wall to the right of the door (where the shelves were previously) looked really empty.

I guess it was really bugging CJ, because Sunday morning, he busted out his electric screwdriver and improvised some wall decor from a large old frame I had lying around, and our cast iron skillets!  I thought he was a little crazy at first, but I love it!  (and I love that my husband has a sense of style and enjoys home decor!)

 It looks much better than a blank wall, we didn't need to buy anything, AND we have somewhere to hang the skillets instead of them taking up space on the stovetop!

It was quick and easy too!  We were hosting church on Sunday afternoon and he had this done before people came over! (it is really just 5 screws into the wall!  One for each skillet and the spoons, and two for the frame.) 

The frame was the first thing he put up, just to have something there.  When I said it looked like something needed to be inside the frame was when he got the idea to put the large skillet inside.

  Then he wanted to hang up the smaller skillet as well.  It was my idea to hang the wooden spoons. "Design on a Dime" would be proud!

It definitely looks very farmhouse chic! ;)

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sunshyne_silverwear said...

What a great idea! Love it!