Monday, February 13, 2012

Home Improvements!: Movable Kitchen Shelving Unit

My husband and I did some rearranging in our kitchen this past weekend. 

Previously, those shelves with the green drawers (to the left of the doorway) were in a different configuration on the opposite wall of our kitchen, next to the stove. 

 Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking and did not get a good "before" picture.  This picture was taken after we moved the shelves. (they were on the wall to the left of the door)

 This picture I took at Thanksgiving (above) is the only one I have that gives you a visual of where the shelves were before.  They were positioned in a way that they were facing the side of the stove (there wasn't room to put them the other way) and so the stove blocked most of the openings and getting things in/out of the microwave was awkward since the door of the microwave opened towards you.  It wasn't ideal, but we worked with it that way for awhile.

CJ had a plan to build a "box" for the shelves and place them in front of a door that leads to the basement...a space that felt wasted before since we had to be able to get to the door occasionally.

But, since he put casters on the cabinet, we are able to move the whole thing when we need to get to the basement (which is not often). In addition to having casters with locking wheels, we put hook/eye locks on each side, so it stays put when we don't need to move it.  So the unit is secure and there is no danger of it falling over.

 It reminds me of movies where there is a bookcase that opens up to reveal a secret room.  Unfortunately we didn't have the technology to pull on a cookbook to make the thing move like in the movies!

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