Monday, February 27, 2012

New Monster Monday: Robot Nubbin

I've been meaning to make a Robot Nubbin for awhile.  I made a few of them for the Hearts & Crafts show but forgot to photograph them.  

 The RNEST Monthly Challenge for March is coming up and the theme will be "Rise of the Machines", so I thought it was a perfect opportunity to photograph the remaining Robot Nubbins and place a listing in my Etsy shop
*(voting will begin this Thursday, March 1st on the RNEST blog...don't forget to vote for me!)  

 Really the only difference is that they're grey and have a square mouth instead of the Nubbin teeth.  I may experiment with doing robots with more colors in the future.

I love that my husband had these colorful cables that he let me use for the background!

I also made some with square bellies with a square "button" in the middle.  
Sometimes I'll get a mom at my booth says she would buy a Nubbin for her son, but apparently thinks that hearts are too girly.  I know plenty of boys who love the Nubbins with the heart (my previous blog post had two of them that were delighted to make their own hearted Nubbins), but I guess I need to adapt for boys who don't like hearts (or their parents that think hearts aren't masculine enough).  Ironically enough, the original Nubbins had square bellies...but after making special heart-bellied Nubbins for Valentine's Day, I decide I liked the look of hearts better and started making all standard Nubbins with hearts.

Anyway, all this to say that I thought that the Robot Nubbins would be a good platform for bringing back square bellies for a more "boyish" alternative.  But of course, you've noticed I still favor the hearts!  I mostly favored the photos of the hearted Robot Nubbin because of color scheme.  I liked the red.  The all grey square-bellied Robot Nubbin seemed a bit visually boring to me.  I need to make another square-bellied Robot Nubbin with a red button in the center (I had made one in my first batch, but someone bought it at Hearts & Crafts.)

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