Thursday, February 9, 2012

"I Love You SEW Much!" Stitched Valentines

A friend of mine pinned a stitched heart Valentine project on Pinterest this morning that inspired me to to this project.  And I took the punny sentiment from this Valentine card project.

I deviated from the original project (I actually hadn't even clicked through to see the original project, I'd just seen the image of the finished project).  Instead of using a hole punch, I pre-poked holes in a heart shape with a needle, using hearts cut out on my Cricut as the templates.  I may do the original project with the little kids next week using the hole punch and yarn (even though Valentine's Day will have come and gone, but who cares!  They'll want to do what their older brothers did!).

This was my first idea, but after I stamped the sentiment, I realized "I love you SEW much" was SEW much better!  (ha ha!) And the brown kraft paper cardstock was a lot easier to poke holes in than the white poster board had been! I am really loving the rustic look of kraft paper cardstock lately!

 I'd originally told the boys we were making Nubbins today...since they've been asking me to teach them for months.  But with next week being Valentine's Day, I wanted to fit in some more Valentine cards.  But this particular project fit in well because it was some practice-sewing for them before tackling sewing their own Nubbins (which they're finding out isn't quite as easy as I make it look!).  They started their Nubbins today, but didn't finish them, so I'll have to write a blog post for that project another day. ;)


Francesca DeCaire said...

Very cute. Love seeing what you are up too.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could come play with you and make Valentines. You are so creative, much better than your mother. I still need to make Valentines for my school kids and can't quite get started. I'm not creative enough to get a finished product. love you,

Melissa said...

Great job all!!!!!

Sarah O said...

Those came out great! Glad I found the pin at the right time. =)