Saturday, November 24, 2012

Craft Show Recap!: Christmas In Medina (2012)

This weekend was an adventure! 

You may have noticed the crutches in the picture above. Friday, when we were about to leave Cleveland to come home, we stopped at a gas station to gas up and we went inside to get a soda.  When we were walking out of the gas station, I stepped off the curb and stepped "wrong" on an uneven spot in the pavement, fell, and hurt my ankle pretty bad.  We went to an Urgent Care center in Cleveland to make sure it wasn't broken.  It turned out to be just badly sprained and the doctor gave me an air-cast and some crutches, with instructions to stay off of it, ice it, and elevate it.
SO...that meant that all I could do at the craft show was sit there with my foot up.  CJ did all the loading, unloading, and setting up for me.  I have a pretty awesome husband.  I couldn't have done this show without him!

Buried in sweater monsters...making sure they all have price tags.
 I switched to this furry hat since it is much warmer than my cloche hat.  It was pretty chilly out.  I actually saw the first flakes of snow of the season.

"Behind the scenes"...

My view.
 I worked on sewing up the stuffing holes on Penguin Nubbins in between sales.

My booth neighbor, Tori, with her cozy new sweater-monster friend, Wimbleton.

 3 happy brothers in their new monster hats!

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Elizabeth Morden said...

Love the fact you display your stock in old suitcases, its a wonderful idea!