Monday, November 5, 2012

Craft Show Recap!: Mayday Underground November 2012

Mayday Underground was great for me, as always!  And each year it gets a little better!  No other craft show has beaten Mayday yet (although Lyndonville's 4th of July show has come close!)

My booth!

 One of my new Big Owl Nubbins.

There were SO many adorable babies and kids around!  The mother of this baby came by my booth to tell me they had won this green Nubbin in one of the Swag Bag raffles, and that her baby loved it! (she may not look enthused in the picture, but a minute later she was smiling!)

This Mayday show was the Big Nubbins official debut.  I've made them as gifts or donated them to raffles before, but this show was the first time I actually had them for sale.  My fellow RNEST member, Michelle, brought her 11 month daughter over to pick out her own BIG Nubbin.  Michelle asked me to put the 3 I had left in a line on the floor, so Zoe could crawl to one and choose what color she wanted.  She went for the blue one first, but then seemed to changer her mind and grabbed the pink one.  We thought maybe it was that she wanted ALL of them, so we lined them back up had her choose again, and she went for the blue one first.  So that is the one she ended up with!  Michelle said that with the big heart on Zoe's shirt, she kind of looked like a big Nubbin herself!

The monster this little girl picked out was one of the newer monsters I had made and didn't get a chance to "officially" photograph before the this is the only picture I have of it!   I made it in the "pocket mouth" style, but decided to put the eyes inside the opening. I liked this monster because it looked like it was a little kid wearing pajamas.   I told the little girl that, and when I saw her later (her mom was another artist at the show), she told me that she had named it "PJ".  So cute!

An adorable baby with one of my TARDIS plushes.  She was waving it around so much (and throwing it!) that it was difficult to get a good picture!  Mine all came out blurry...this one is courtesy of my mom.

Saying goodbye to one of my favorite new monsters, Flynn.  I liked the sweater he was made of and I liked that he was so BIG.  He's another one I never took a photos of before the I had to take a photo before his new owner took him home!

Of course, my monsters aren't just for kids!  This lady had already bought two monsters earlier in the day, had gone home (she had to drop a friend off), and then ended up coming back for Flynn!

Cool TARDIS fairy door from one of the other artists at the show.  I heard a lot of comments from people who saw my TARDIS plush that they had been seeing a lot of TARDIS/Police Box incarnations at the show.  Doctor Who has become a lot more popular here in the US since the 11th Doctor, I think.

 My booth neighbor, Grey Owl Design (his name escapes me at the moment) made some cool modern wooden signs and came all the way from Vermont!  He and his sister were very nice people.

 A glimpse of the chaos "backstage" of my booth.

A suitcase of Nubbins that needed hand-sewing.  I worked on them between sales.  I was making a lot of sales though, so I didn't get many of them done!

My mom usually comes to help me at shows.  In this picture she is gathering up the remaining sweater monsters to pack up when the show was over (I only had 7 left!)  Yes, I only have 7 monsters left, and I have another show on Thanksgiving weekend in Medina! I have been busy, trying to build my stock back up!

(I apologize for being MIA here on the blog when I am prepping for major craft shows.  I was barely on the computer at all in the weeks before Mayday.  I'll try to be better about blogging more often, even if it's just pictures from Instagram.  Hey, Instagram pics are better than nothing, right?)

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