Friday, November 30, 2012

Etsy Shop News!: Re-Structuring Nubbin Listings

I took a few new Nubbin pictures yesterday after taking pictures of custom Etsy orders. 

(You wouldn't believe how much work goes into meticulously arranging those thread spools so the "prettiest" colors are showing!)

 Here's a peek at my "photography studio" on my front porch.  This is where I can get the best natural light.

I am trying to re-structure how I list Nubbins in my Etsy shop.  Before, I just had one listing for a "Custom Nubbin".  But many times, when a customer would purchase it, they wouldn't convo me or tell me in the "note to seller" what colors they wanted the Nubbin to be...even though I make that request in the product info.  So then I would have to contact the customer and then wait for them to contact me back before I could make the Nubbin.  So it all takes much longer for me to actually send the customer their order.

So to help with this, I've decided to create separate listings for each color of Nubbin. (I still need to photograph the Orange, Yellow, and Purple Nubbins)

But I still want the customer to be able to choose the heart color...instead of having to make a listing for each variation.   Luckily, Etsy recently added a"variation" option to the listings...

So, for example, if a customer wants a Magenta Pink Nubbin with an orange heart, they just have to go to the Magenta Pink Nubbin listing and click the "orange" color option, and make their purchase!  And as I understand it, the purchase will not go through unless the customer makes a choice.

Sometime this week, I also want to take pictures of samples of the felt colors that I use for the hearts, so the customer can see the difference between the colors.  I'll also be updating the color options accordingly, since I know I don't have them all listed right now.

I am hoping that this re-structuring will help me get more Etsy sales as well! (and maybe more of my items featured in Etsy Treasuries...which may also lead to more sales!)

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