Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sneak Peek! Replenishing the Sweater Monster Population

So here they are...the remaining 7 monsters leftover from Mayday.

BUT, I have more monsters coming along!...

These 8 monsters are just awaiting hand-sewing! Things like the stuffing hole, lips, eyes, and hearts are the kind of details that I need to sew by hand.  I have until Tuesday, November 20th to finish all the machine sewing I need to do before my next show on Saturday, November 24th, "Christmas in Medina".  My husband and I are leaving that Wednesday to visit his family in Cleveland, Ohio for Thanksgiving, but are coming home on Friday so I can do the craft show in Medina on Saturday.  I am hoping to get what hand-sewing I need done, finished during our trip!  (I will probably get some hand-sewing done during church tomorrow too!  It's amazing how keeping your hands busy can help you listen!)

*EDIT*  I added these guys to the hand-sewing queue tonight too!

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