Friday, January 24, 2014

Etsy Favorite Friday: Pinterest Rabbithole Finds

Here's a few of my new Etsy Favorites from this week!

  • Spool Necklace No. 3 by ShopHollyDolly ($22)
    I feel a little bad when I see something in an Etsy shop and think "I could make that for myself!" instead of wanting to buy the item...but with all my vintage wooden spools, I totally could make one of these for myself.  An example of my "ICanMakeThat-itis".  Of course hers, with the gold chain and beads, is more elegant that what I'd probably make for myself.  I'd probably just slap a necklace chain on an artfully wound spool.  
  • Coffee Create Sleep Repeat Poster by paperchat ($40)
    There was a time when this poster would not have appealed to me because I didn't like coffee.  But now, it's perfect.
  • DIY Cross Stitch Pendant by RedGateStitchery ($10)
    I'm not into cross-stitch, but I like the look of a simple cross-stitch heart. 

The first two items are the result of what I call a "Pinterest Rabbithole".  While browsing the DIY/Craft section of Pinterest, I saw a pin of a hoodie that had toggles to make it look like a "military/marching band" style jacket:

The description said it was a DIY, so I clicked through to check out the process.  Well, whoever originally pinned it didn't pin it RIGHT (yes there is a RIGHT and a WRONG way to pin, people!)  Maybe it's because it was pinned from a Tumblr.  I so don't get Tumblr.  My niece tried to convince me that it's really cool and the best thing ever and that I should make one, but I just find Tumblr annoying and disjointed.  It seems like it's sort of like Pinterest, in that people just reblog stuff they like, but it's much less organized and harder to track down where things originated and people often aren't credited for their original work.  I know some people do use it as a blog, but I just think of it as a horrible mishmash of a terribly disorganized Pinterest board and a blog. (although I think Tumblr was around before Pinterest).  Sorry...Tumblr rant over. 

Anyway...when I clicked through the hoodie pin, it just took me to the blog and not the blog post...

  • Example: Let's say you saw my Ninja Nubbin blog post and wanted to pin it.  You should click the actual blog post and THEN pin it from there so that the pin takes you directly to the post ( instead of just to my main blog (  If you pin from the main blog, if someone comes across your pin later on Pinterest, but I've done more blog posts since then, when they click your Pin, they'll have to go searching through my past blog posts to find the one you pictured in your Pin.  Make sense?  Maybe I'll do a blog post sometime with photos on "How to Pin Correctly".  Of course, I'm sure someone out there has already done it.  I can;t be the only one who is driven nuts by it.

I still haven't found the original post of the hoodie, but browsing back through the old entries of the blog is how I found the first two items for this week's Etsy Favorite Friday... so it's sort of a happy accident. (although I do go through Pinterest Rabbitholes when things are pinned correctly too...where a blog post makes me want to check out the rest of the blog and past posts.).  The Spool Necklace is from the blogger's shop, and the poster was in one of her posts that is similar to my own where she showcases a few of her favorite items.

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FoundProdigalDaughter said...

That is definitely one of my pet peeves, you are so not alone.