Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week In Review: January 5th - 11th

  1. 1. A squirrel drawing I was given by an 11 year old girl at church.   She is quite the artist! (and she isn't even in my art class!)
  2.  Pretty yarn swirl
  3. My haul of new-to-me Homespun yarn that I got at a craft supply swap that was hosted by one of my craft show friends Monday night.  The weather was awful (extremely cold and extremely windy), and most of the people who were invited didn't show up because of the weather.  But the 4-5 of us that were crazy enough to venture out for the sake of craft supplies and crafty-gal socialization had a lot of fun!
  4. Deceptively sunny day on Tuesday.  It was COLD and WINDY on Tuesday.  I refused to venture out of the house.  Letting Luna out to go to the bathroom was the closest I got to being outside.  I took this picture out my back door.  You'd never guess by looking at it just how cold it was.  I heard that, with wind chill, it was -25.  Good thing Luna had the good sense to do her business and come right back, instead of sniffing around and dilly-dallying like she normally does!  It was too cold for that sort of nonsense!
  5. Yes... my Christmas tree is still up.  I decorated it really late in the season, so I decided to keep it up and enjoy it all of January.  I love the placement of this simple clear glass that the light behind it looks like the flame of the candle.
  6. Frost on my kitchen window from the frigid day on Tuesday.
  7. My 12 pack of special edition blue Ball mason jars that my mom got me for Christmas.  I feel silly that this is my favorite Christmas gift from this year (next to the necklace CJ got for me).
  8. I utilized some YouTube videos for Homeschool Art Class on Thursday.  The kids absolutely loved it!  I used videos from a YouTube channel called Art For Kids.  One of my favorite things about this guy's videos is that his kids draw along with him... so it goes at a pace that the kids watching the video can draw along with too.  Plus the kids can see other kids drawing, and not get frustrated that their drawing isn't just like the instructors.  I have one kid in particular in the class that is a perfectionist and gets easily frustrated when his work doesn't turn out "perfect".
  9. A "Throwback Thursday" picture of some of my vintage wooden thread spools.

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