Saturday, January 25, 2014

Week-In-Pictures: January 19- 25

I was finally ready to get back in the swing of things this week, so I did a lot of sewing.  You'll probably see a few of these pictures in their larger forms in blog posts later in the week.

  1. "Karate Belt Color" Ninja Nubbin set I listed in my Etsy shop
  2. Black & White Ninja Nubbin Battle!
  3. "Princess Girl" Ninja Nubbin set I listed in my Etsy shop (yes, I know boys can like pink and purple too, but the truth is that the majority of kids that like pink & purple are girls)
  4. "Ethiopia" Nubbins I made at the request of a friend.  She and her husband adopted twin boys from Ethiopia a few years ago (I want to say 3 years ago).  The end of this month is the anniversary of bringing them home, so she wanted to give hem a special present.
  5. Figuring out the design on the "Ethiopia" Nubbins.  Cutting out a tiny Africa and even tinier heart was a challenge!
  6.  Every time someone finds out that I made "Where The Wild Things Are" inspired Nubbins and requests me to make a set, I have to figure out how to make the monster one all over again!  These Nubbins were something I only planned on making once for my own artistic satisfaction.  I never intended to recreate them, but people keep requesting them and I have a hard time saying no!
  7.  Red and Pink "Eye Love You!" One-Eyed Nubbins that I am planning on putting into my Etsy shop soon for Valentine's Day.
  8.  I had to order more black safety eyes from Dan's Crafts & Things.  I usually prefer to go buy the eyes in person at the store in Webster, NY instead of ordering online, but I needed to get more eyes before I was going to go into Rochester next, so I ordered online.  I love these guys!  The manager and a couple of the employees know who I am (they have their own, honorary Nubbin mascot I gave to them).  It made me smile when I saw this little drawing that was on my package that came in the mail.  You gotta love small business!
  9. I learned how to crochet a "Granny Triangle"!

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