Saturday, January 18, 2014

Week In Review: January 12-18

  1. An awesome Chameleon Sculpture one of my art class kids made and gave to me at church on Sunday.
  2. Terra and Luna "not really" snuggling.
  3. Trying to reorganize my recycled clothing fabric stash.
  4. What day is it?  Hump Daaaayyyy! (I don't care if you hate the Geico makes me giggle!)
  5. The shelf A shelf in my craft room where I display work that makes me smile from some of my fellow artists (most of whom are Rochester/Western NY locals). PeachesProducts (Fox, Owl, & Octopus), Erin Makes Stuff (Knitted monster head), EcoLeftz (One-Eyed Blue Monster), Wonderful Whittlin' (Twig Gnome), Sweet Whimsy Designs (Minion Peg Doll)... and of course, up and coming 10 year old artist, Lydia (Chameleon sculpture). 
  6.  "Half Face" portrait project for the 3nd-5th grade homeschool art class.
  7. My Etsy order from Frostbeard came this week! These are soy wax candle tarts. My favorite scent is a toss-up between "Dumbledore's Office" and "Butterbeer". (The other two scents are "Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey" and "The Shire", which both smell lovely as well!)
  8. Making mice after midnight.  I'll post a blog with more about that for "Make-It-Monday".
  9. "Touche`, Pussycat!"  Made my little mouse some armor and a sword using bottlecaps and a T-pin and couldn't resist taking a picture of him "battling" with Terra!

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