Sunday, February 24, 2008

"Knit 101" book review on

I was just blog-browsing (as I tend to do to when I want to wind down) and I just saw this article at that was trashing the knitting book I just got a few weeks ago and recently blogged about myself.

"Overall, this is a book with not too serious projects but some serious instructions. Appeal more to a younger audience I a "younger audience"? I like the knitting books that are aimed at a "younger audience" because the other ones just seem so boring. I actually did get t"Knit 101" book for its beginner intructions. I like how it has knitting and crocheting instructions/tutorials in there. I only own one knitting book and the pictures are so small that it's hard to use them for reference. And I have no books on crocheting.

And while I agree that some of the projects are kind of stupid, I would love ot knit these "pedicure socks" someday ...which the article's author also admitted were a good project.

Then there was this comment that masde me laugh...
"The first project in the book - is in fact a bulky scarf titled ‘guy’s scarf’, strangely modeled by a half naked man pretending to knit with gigantic needles."

I do agree that the picture in question is sexy as men who knit/crochet are (my husband crochets). Call me a prude, but I keep toying with the idea of taking a black sharpie and giving him a tank top. I keep waiting for my husband to see that page and ask "What is that?"

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