Sunday, February 10, 2008

Reformed Monsters and My First T-shirt Remnant Monster

Okay, so those two sock monsters have turned over a new leaf and realized that taking hostages is no way to get what you want. So, as their reward, here's a picture of the two newly-reformed monsters...

And I just made a monster entirely on my new sewing machine! The only thing I hand sewed on him is, appropriately enough, his heart. He's also my first "T-shirt remnant monster" (I think I'll call him Remmy) I made him out of the scraps left over from my husband's (yet unfinished) t-shirt quilt project.

Here the three of them are peering at the new contraption that's come into their lives (and for two of them made their life possible...Turq, the turquoise monster, was parially made with it)

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