Monday, February 11, 2008

Wrist warmers, a day off, and new knitting book

I finished a new set of fingerless gloves/wrist-warmers yesterday. They are made out of the turquoise "Red Heart" yarn that I could only find at Wal-Mart. And as you can see, I also got a new knitting book at JoAnne's today after having lunch with my mom. It has tutorials & patterns on knitting and crocheting.

The wrist warmers are surprisingly easy to make when I'm using the knitting loom. I think I'm finally getting a good groove down with it. I just have to count the stitches on the first glove in order to make the second one the same length.

The only issue I have with making them on the looms is that you can't make them tighter/closer knit like you could on needles. Especially with the "Red Heart" yarn, you can see your hand through the knit. It goes better when I use the "Lion Brand Homespun" yarn, -probably because of the fuzziness of the yarn. I bet it would be better if I used a thicker, "chunky" kind of yarn. Or I want to try knitting with double strands using both the Red Heart and Homespun together. mom called at 6:00 or so this morning to let me know that she saw on the news that the school district I work for was closed. She's an aide at a different district, and hers was closed as well. I'm guessing because of the temperature and wind chill facor is why the schools were it wasn't really a "snow day", more of a "too darn cold" day. The funny thing was that the city schools were still open and parents were urged to "use their judgement", which is odd because the city schools are usually the ones to close at the drop of a hat because most of the kids walk to school.

I was glad of the day off though. I wasn't looking forward to the commute out to Irondequoit after everything that happened yesterday with the big 36-car-pileup accident on 390. But after driving out to meet my mom for lunch, I feel a little better and less tweaky about driving. The weather really wasn't that bad while I was out. A bit frigid, but sunny and blue skies, and it wasn't as crazy with windblown snow like yesterday.

I got another T-shirt remnant monster done today, but my camera battery was going dead while I was shooting the picture of the wrist warmers, so I'll post a picture of him when it charges.

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