Thursday, February 4, 2010

Custom Newborn Monster-Ear Hat

I posted pics of the previous newborn hat on my Facebook and now all my friends want one! Below is my first custom hat for my friend Amy. And these newborn hats are listed in my Etsy shop now. (need a baby shower gift?)

Yay for making fun, yet practical fuzzy things!

(BTW: I'm hoping to maybe use one of my friends' babies as models soon so I won't have to use the baby doll. It's pretty life-like, but not enough to fool one into thinking it's actually a real it just ends up being a bit creepy.)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

My student saw the baby doll and thought it was real and said "That baby is adorable". He was so cute when he said it. What a sweetie.

love mom

PS. I'm in the computer lab on Friday mornings with the kids and one of my students is absent so I have a computer to work on. :)