Monday, February 22, 2010

Little Monsters (and dogs)

My (other) friend Amy ordered some monster hats for her kids last week (she's the mother of that adorable baby in the pink hat in the previous post). The one for her son Liam (the one on the right in the picture below) was one I had already made so I let him wear it home. The other hats I had to custom make. This week when we met at their house for church, the first thing Liam asked me was if I had his brother Eli's red monster hat. Amy then told me that Liam has been wearing his hat all day, every day, all week! The only time he takes it off is at night when he hangs it on his bed post!

The only problem with them both having red hats is that it's hard to tell them apart from behind now! (The only difference in the hats is that Eli's has black inner ears and Liam's has grey inner ears)

They just got a new dog, Stella (the big white dog)...and we brought Luna over last night after church to play. Yes...I know...Stella and Luna. I had a hand in the naming of their dog. The day they got her, Amy called and asked me what name I would pick if we ever got another female I told her we would probably continue the Latin celestial theme and go with "Stella". She and her husband liked it, so Stella it is!
(Stella and Luna got along very well by the way...Luna has made a new dog friend!)

(I'm told Stella acts like she thinks the kids' monster hat ears are dog ears...because she keeps sniffing and licking them! )

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