Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lil Monster Debut!

Remember a few weeks ago when I made this hat? Well, the baby boy it was meant for came into the world this week! (and he looks so much better in it than the semi-creepy baby doll I originally modeled it on!) Congratulations Amy!

"after his debut in it, Oliver decided that he has a big head and that the hat donning process was a bit too much for his liking since his 13 1/2 inch head barely fit!"

To be fair, Oliver is the first real baby to try on the newborn-sized hat, and I was aware that even newborns are all different sizes when they're born. So I was prepared for the possiblility of the hat being too when Amy bought the hat from me, I had offered to make a bigger one if it didn't fit. So I'm going to make good on my offer now.

Yup...sizing is still a slow learning process. Even with help from Martha. ;)
I don't have any kids/babies of my own, so I can't just go grab one to measure their head...I have to borrow my friends' kids!

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